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The volume of confirmed pre-sale requests

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Token Pre-Sale


1 PHT = 0.000032 ETH

Token Pre-SaleGet 20% bonusby preordering

500,000,000 tokens will be sold

PlayHall acceptsETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, Dash, ZEC and BCH

  • 61%Marketing
  • 25%Research and Development (R&D)
  • 8%Administrative Expenses
  • 6%Legal and Consultation Fees
  • 60%Token sale
  • 18%To Project Team
  • 20%Safety Fund
  • 2%Bounty Program
Pre-sale starts at 10 AM EST (New York Time), February 26, 2018Pre-sale finishes at 12 AM EST (New York Time), March 27, 2018
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The Three bases Of the PlayHallGamingPlatform

PlayHall is — a decentralized platform for Skill Gaming on mobile apps. Our platform focuses on gamers out-wit their opponents in order to achieve victoryIt offers both PvP matches and global tournaments.

The following currencies can be used:

  • PlayHall Token (PHT)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Classic Ethereum (ETC)
  • Dash (Dash)
  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a platform that allows players to compete against adversaries to demonstratewho ultimately has the most skill,intellectual rigor, reaction time, and awareness. Outplay your opponents to win morecryptocurrency!


PlayHall tokens allow gamers to participate in tournaments - and also can be used to vote onissues pertaining to the platform's management and organization.

PHT tokens can be used in PvP matches in addition to many other cryptocurrencies available onthe platform.


We have already launched a beta version of the platform which offers first games to play fordemo-tokens.

By the end of 2018, the PlayHall platform willoffer about 50 gamesand by the end of 2019, the platform will offer atleast 200 total games.


There will be 200 games available on the PlayHall platform

see more games



smart contract on github

  1. // address where funds are collected
  2. address public wallet;
  3. // the contract, which determine how many token units a buyer gets per wei
  4. IPricingStrategy public pricingStrategy;
  5. // amount of raised money in wei
  6. uint public weiRaised;
  7. // amount of tokens that was sold on the crowdsale
  8. uint public tokensSold;
  9. // maximum amount of wei in total, that can be bought
  10. uint public weiMaximumGoal;
  11. uint public weiMinimumGoal;
  12. // How many distinct addresses have bought
  13. uint public buyerCount;
  14. event TokenPurchase(
  15. address indexed purchaser,
  16. address indexed beneficiary,
  17. uint value,
  18. uint tokenAmount
  19. );
  20. // a refund was processed for an buyer
  21. event Refund(address buyer, uint weiAmount);
  22. function SaleBase(
  23. uint _startTime,
  24. uint _endTime,
  25. IPricingStrategy _pricingStrategy,
  26. MintableToken _token,
  27. address _wallet,
  28. uint _weiMaximumGoal,
  29. uint _weiMinimumGoal,
  30. address _admin
  31. ) public
  32. {
  33. require(_startTime >= now);
  34. require(_endTime >= _startTime);
  35. require(_pricingStrategy.isPricingStrategy());
  36. require(address(_token) != 0x0);
  37. require(_wallet != 0x0);
  38. require(_weiMaximumGoal > 0);
  39. require(address(_admin) != 0);
  40. startTime = _startTime;
  41. endTime = _endTime;
  42. pricingStrategy = _pricingStrategy;
  43. token = _token;
  44. wallet = _wallet;
  45. weiMaximumGoal = _weiMaximumGoal;
  46. weiMinimumGoal = _weiMinimumGoal;
  47. admin = _admin;
  48. }
  49. modifier onlyOwnerOrAdmin() {
  50. require(msg.sender == owner || msg.sender == admin);
  51. _;
  52. }
  53. // fallback function can be used to buy tokens
  54. function () external payable {
  55. buyTokens(msg.sender);
  56. }
  57. // low level token purchase function
  58. function buyTokens(address beneficiary) public whenNotPaused payable returns (bool) {
  59. require(beneficiary != 0x0);
  60. require(validPurchase(msg.value));
  61. uint weiAmount = msg.value;
  62. // calculate token amount to be created
  63. uint tokenAmount = pricingStrategy.calculateTokenAmount(weiAmount, tokensSold);
  64. mintTokenToBuyer(beneficiary, tokenAmount, weiAmount);
  65. wallet.transfer(msg.value);
  66. return true;
  67. }
  68. function mintTokenToBuyer(
  69. address beneficiary,
  70. uint tokenAmount,
  71. uint weiAmountM
  72. ) internal {
  73. // update state
  74. if (boughtAmountOf[beneficiary] == 0) {
  75. // A new buyer
  76. buyerCount++;
  77. }
  78. boughtAmountOf[beneficiary] = boughtAmountOf[beneficiary].add(weiAmount);
  79. weiRaised = weiRaised.add(weiAmount);
  80. tokensSold = tokensSold.add(tokenAmount);
  81., tokenAmount);
  82. TokenPurchase(msg.sender, beneficiary, weiAmount, tokenAmount);
  83. }
  84. // return true if the transaction can buy tokens
  85. function validPurchase(uint weiAmount) internal constant returns (bool) {
  86. bool withinPeriod = (now >= startTime) && now <= endTime;
  87. bool nonZeroPurchase = weiAmount != 0;
  88. bool withinCap = weiRaised.add(weiAmount) <= weiMaximumGoal;
  89. return withinPeriod && nonZeroPurchase && withinCap;
  90. }
  91. // return true if crowdsale event has ended
  92. function hasEnded() external constant returns (bool) {
  93. bool capReached = weiRaised >= weiMaximumGoal;
  94. bool afterEndTime = now > endTime;
  95. return capReached || afterEndTime;
  96. }
  97. // get the amount of unsold tokens allocated to this contract;
  98. function getWeiLeft() external constant returns (uint) {
  99. return weiMaximumGoal - weiRaised;
  100. }
  101. // return true if the crowdsale has raised enough money to be a successful.
  102. function isMinimumGoalReached() public constant returns (bool) {
  103. return weiRaised >= weiMinimumGoal;
  104. }
  105. // allows to update tokens rate for owner
  106. function setPricingStrategy(
  107. IPricingStrategy _pricingStrategy
  108. ) external onlyOwner returns (bool) {
  109. pricingStrategy = _pricingStrategy;
  110. return true;
  111. }
  112. function loadRefund() external payable {
  113. require(msg.value > 0);
  114. require(!isMinimumGoalReached());
  115. loadedRefund = loadedRefund.add(msg.value);
  116. }
  117. function refund() external {
  118. require(!isMinimumGoalReached() && loadedRefund > 0);
  119. require(!isExternalBuyer[msg.sender]);
  120. uint256 weiValue = boughtAmountOf[msg.sender];
  121. require(weiValue > 0);
  122. boughtAmountOf[msg.sender] = 0;
  123. weiRefunded = weiRefunded.add(weiValue);
  124. Refund(msg.sender, weiValue);
  125. msg.sender.transfer(weiValue);
  126. }
  127. function registerPayment(
  128. address beneficiary,
  129. uint tokenAmount,
  130. uint weiAmount
  131. ) public onlyOwnerOrAdmin {
  132. require(validPurchase(weiAmount));
  133. isExternalBuyer[beneficiary] = true;
  134. mintTokenToBuyer(beneficiary, tokenAmount, weiAmount);
  135. }
  136. function registerPayments(
  137. address[] beneficiaries,
  138. uint[] tokenAmounts,
  139. uint[] weiAmounts
  140. ) external onlyOwnerOrAdmin {
  141. require(beneficiaries.length == tokenAmounts.length);
  142. require(tokenAmounts.length == weiAmounts.length);
  143. for (uint i = 0; i < beneficiaries.length; i++) {
  144. registerPayment(beneficiaries[i], tokenAmounts[i], weiAmounts[i]);
  145. }
  146. }
  147. function setAdmin(address adminAddress) external onlyOwner {
  148. admin = adminAddress;
  149. }
  150. }
View code on Github
Project Leaders
Eugen Kaufman

An expert on team-building, personnel management, and business processes and management tools implementation.One of the leaders in the start-up movement in Belarus. Business-angel. Mentor and Co-Founder of several IT start-ups.Leader and moderator of the Startup Grind Minsk (powered by Google).

Vadim Nareyko

A seasoned professional, Vadim Nareyko began his career in high school,ultimately evolving from a junior software developer to a C-level executive in leading IT companies.As an active start-up advisor and an organizer for the Hackathons series, Vadim received the honorary award 'Mentor of the Year 2015' award in Belarus.Ex-COO at Skywind Tech BY (Playtech), ex-Head of R&D at Itransition Group.

Anton Kulichkin

Blockchain Evangelist. Has been working in the sphere of Investments and Finance for13 years. Experienced in managing a team of up to 200 people. Has raised over $100million in Russian and international financial instruments (futures, options,structured products). Initiated smart-contracts' legalization projects in theRussian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Anatoli Klimchuk

An experienced leading expert with marketing since 2007.Anatoli is graduated with Master Degree from The Royal Technology Institute, Sweden.Currently the sphere of his interest covers complex web marketing solutions and audience researches in CIS,EU, Americas and Asia. The outstanding career path is marked with the Awards of the Young Entrepreneur 2015in Russia (AMPR) and co-founding of Artox media company.

Project advisors
  • JaySeverson

    CTO and Co-Founder

    Strategic Development Advisor

  • AlexeyMeleshkevich

    Ex-Founder of Melesta (exit to Wargaming), Founder of Total Games.
    His games in total have more than 150.000.000 users.

    Game Development Adviser

  • AlexanderBorodich

    CEO andFounder of Universa

    Blockchain Technology Advisor

  • BilalSaleh

    Principal Partner at E-Nor

    Business Development Advisor

  • AlexShkor

    CEO and Blockchain Architecture at DEIP

    Blockchain Architecture Advisor

  • AlexDulub

    Blockchain Developer, Team Lead at Qtum Foundation

    Blockchain Architecture Advisor

  • AndreyShimanovich

    CEO and Founder of Werocks

    Strategic Development Advisor

  • ValeryKurilov

    CEO and Founder of SE Ranking

    Marketing Advisor

  • DenisBuko

    CEO and Co-Founder of International Digital Agency AMBD

    Marketing Advisor

  • Kostia Minin


    Сryptoeconomics Advisor

Key Staff
  • Alexey Chechukevich

    Head of Marketing

  • Yuriy Antsiferov

    Head of PR

  • Andrew Gusarov

    Head of Affiliate Relations

  • Alex Kolonitsky

    Lead Backend Developer

  • Serhii Hubankov

    Technical Lead Developer

  • Ekaterina Belozerova

    Head of Customer Service

  • Valery Shcherba

    Project Manager, Scrum Master

  • Ilia Chekan

    Game Producer

  • Andrii Tereshchenko

    Game Designer

  • Marija Pushenko

    Art Director

  • Anastasia Perminova

    Backend JavaScript Developer

  • Nick Berilov

    Backend JavaScript Developer

  • Constantine Morgun

    3D Animator

  • Alesia Pozharovskaya

    UI/UX Designer

  • Tatiana Osipava

    Account Manager







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  • Token Title
    PlayHall (PHT)
  • How much is the token worth?
    Token exchange rate is 1 ETH=31,250 PHT.
    PHT Tokens will be transferred to purchasers'ERC20 walletsas soon as purchase is completed.
  • How many tokens are you going to sell?
    Tokens for sale: 500,000,000 PHT
    • PHT tokenswill be used on the platform in PvPmatches as an in gamecurrency aswell as other popular cryptocurrencies acceptable on the platform
    • PHT tokenswill allow a gamer to participate intournaments
    • PHT tokenswill be a major tool for decisionmaking on the issues concerningplatform management or gaming process organization through voting
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